Fiber Optics

At Visual Lighting Technologies, we specialize in High Performance Fiber Optic Lighting Systems; systems that fulfill the imagination and out-perform the competition. We’re proud to offer the world’s finest fiber optic lighting products, along with superior product knowledge and outstanding design and support services.

A complete fiber optic lighting system consists of two or three components: an illuminator, a fiber harness made with stranded or large core fibers, and – depending on the application – interior or exterior fixtures. Where even washes of light are desired, Light Channel or Light Panel products may take the place of fixtures. Our designers can help you combine the best components for your application needs, creating a lighting system that delivers the look you want with all the advantages of fiber optic technology.

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To learn more about our fiber optic lighting products, please click on the links below. You’ll find easy access to downloadable cut sheets for all of our products, along with a wide range of application guides to help you plan a fiber optic lighting application. To see what High Performance Fiber Optic Lighting Systems can do, please visit our project Gallery.


An illuminator is the light source for a fiber optic lighting system, generating high-intensity light for transmission through the optical fibers. Visual Lighting Technologies offers a wide range of illuminators, from the most basic white light to top-of-the-line DMX models. Whatever your needs, we have the perfect illuminator for your project.
Fiber is the “magic” element of a fiber optic system, guiding light from the illuminator to the place of illumination. Visual Lighting Technologies offers a broad selection of stranded optical fibers, including PMMA side light and end light fibers, glass end light fiber, and the decorative Ribbon, Sparkle and Galaxy Starfield Series fibers.
Large Core fiber can be a visible, decorative element in a fiber optic project–as in neon-replacement applications, or it can be an unseen source of bright, color-changing light–as in a cove lighting application. Visual Lighting Technologies is proud to offer the outstanding large core fibers of Lumenyte International Corporation, including the innovative Diamond Line Directional Side Light Fiber.
For applications demanding an even wash of light, Visual Lighting Technologies offers low profile Light Channel and Light Panel. Light Channel is perfect for accenting architectural detail, grazing a stone wall, or lighting up a display case. Light Panel provides even light for backlighting signage, ceiling panels, or illuminating stained glass. Both are suitable for interior or exterior use.
The advantages of fiber optic lighting make it the ideal choice for a wide range of indoor uses, from residential accents to retail showcase lighting. Whether it’s a sleek and simple downlight or a decorative fixture with dazzling Swarovski crystals, Visual Lighting Technologies has a fiber optic fixture that will compliment your design and provide the precise lighting effect you’re looking for.
Fiber optic lighting was first developed to separate electricity from wet environments such as pools, fountains and spas. Since then, the practical advantages of fiber have made it a popular choice for a broad range of exterior settings. Visual Lighting Technologies has fixtures for all your exterior lighting needs, from strictly decorative applications to functional and safety lighting uses.
Ferrules, Terminations and Harnesses complete your fiber optic system. This section also includes information about DMX Controls and Accessories for connecting and controlling your VLT fiber optic system.
The VLT Lux Calculator is a free download that makes specifying the components of your fiber optic system easier than ever by offering a simple way to predict the light output from a wide variety of fixture, illuminator, and fiber combinations.
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